An NFT with Claws

FEAR Wolf is a super rare, multi-game NFT for FEAR fans!

meet the wolves Blood Realms: Dire Wolves

In our upcoming Blood Realms action game, there are 40 breeds of Demigod and goddess wolves across 5 distinct clans all containing unique powers and stunning designs which FEAR Wolf NFT holders can own.

fear wolf stats Wolf Stats


Wolf Traits Blood Realms Clans

In Blood Realms the FEAR Wolf represents a powerful demigod or goddess dire wolf belonging to one of 5 clans.

fear wolf multiple games Utility Across Multiple Games & Media

FEAR Wolf NFT holders also get more utility across FEAR's other existing and upcoming games for free.

Featured On...

mutliple chains Multiple Chains

Ethereum Chain

The FEAR Wolf will be launched on Ethereum.


Muon are our cross chain partner who enable the Fear Wolf to work via multiple chains.

multiple chains

The FEAR Wolf will be fully compatible with multiple chains.

7 In-Game...

Wolf Traits Wolf Traits

Upgradable traits are forged into Wolf NFTs on chain. The speed at which you can upgrade each trait is weighted based on one of three Wolf types: Alpha, Beta or Omega.

Super Charged Performance...

Tech Partners Tech-Partners

It takes more than one tech company to create a Wolf of such fortitude and power...